Where Should I Build My Dream House

So you’re now planning to build your dream home for your family. Now, one of the most important parts of building a house is going to be choosing the right location. A lot of people think that when they find the perfect location that they can just go and start building right away, but it’s not that simple. So if you want to make your dream house, you need to know where you should build it.

If you’re asking yourself this question: where should I build my dream house? Then we advise you to read further as we’ll talk more about this topic in today’s article.


The Right Location For Building Your Dream House From The Ground Up

First things first, you have to construct your house on the plot of land that you own and purchased. After all, it’s illegal to build a residential or even a commercial building if you’re not the owner of the property.

Next, pick a location within your land that will be suitable for building a house. Ideally, your dream house should be somewhere adjacent to the road to maintain easy access for both foot and vehicle traffic.

Once all these things are settled, here are further tips we can share to help you determine the right location for your dream home:

Site Habitability – Determine the history of the plot you purchased. If it’s previously used as a dumping site, lying on an earthquake fault, or is near industrial buildings, then it’s not suitable for building a home due to the poor living conditions.

Socio-Economic Factors – Pick a location that is accessible to your workplace and modes of transportation, should you need to revel to work on public transport. Other than that, having a place near schools, shopping malls, recreational centers, and hospitals around the neighborhood will enrich the living conditions for your family. And that’s because the transportation time is reduced since all these establishments are available in your vicinity

Moreover, access to public services like the electric and phone company is also recommended.

Friendly Neighborhood – Choosing to build a home within a community of friendly neighbors is also essential to give a sense of safety, belongingness, and a healthy environment for growing children.

Dimensions Of Your Land – The land you’ve bought must be sufficient enough to satisfy the living conditions that you want. To be specific, the dimensions of your property should allow you to build the main house, a parking area, garden, waste management area, play area for your children, and etc.

And while we’ve already mentioned that the location of your home should be somewhere near the road, you must see to it that the main building has enough space on all corners of the road to ensure suitable living conditions for your family and neighbors.

Soil Quality And Type Of Terrain – Choose a location in your lot that is partially elevated with uniformed slopes to create a natural drainage for rainwater. Aside from that, make sure the soil is also suitable for construction as poor soil quality will require you to add more elements to strengthen your home’s foundation, which adds more cost to your construction expenses.

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