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What Is Asphalt Milling And Why It’s Important

One of the crucial and interesting part of asphalt paving process before laying down the asphalt material is milling. So what is asphalt milling and why it’s important?

Asphalt milling is the process of removing asphalt pavement from a road surface. This is usually done to repair damage, fix joints, or remove surface irregularities. Also, milling preserves the underlying base course and allows for a new overlay to be installed.

The process of asphalt milling is relatively new, even though paving has been done in urban areas for decades. In fact, the milling of pavements was developed in the mid-70s as an affordable, reliable, and sustainable way of restoring pavements for residential and commercial use.


How It Is Done?

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Milling is a necessary procedure to remove a thin layer of asphalt pavement and underlying soil to correct drainage problems, level high spots, or prepare the surface for resurfacing. And this process is also used to remove deteriorated asphalt, sealers, and coatings.

The process begins by removing any overhanging vegetation and securing it in a safe location. Then the contractor will mill the asphalt pavement using a large drum equipped with carbide-tipped cutting tools. The depth of the cut can be adjusted to remove a predetermined thickness of asphalt and underlying soil. Once the milling process is complete, the area is cleaned up and ready for resurfacing.

Asphalt milling can be used to repair damage caused by rutting, shoving, gradient effects, and uneven pavement. It can also be used to prepare a surface for resurfacing. And when used in combination with other repair methods, such as sealcoating or paving, it can extend the life of a paved surface and improve its appearance.

Moreover, milling is a critical part of the resurfacing process because it provides a smooth, level surface for the new asphalt to adhere. If you are considering milling your asphalt pavement, it is important to consult with a professional contractor like BaraCo Paving, LLC. in Orlando, FL to ensure that the job is done correctly.


Why It’s Important?

Asphalt milling is important because it can help extend the life of a road or parking lot. By removing damaged top layer of asphalt, the milling exposes the stronger and more durable base course. This allows for a new layer of asphalt to be installed, which will provide a smoother, longer-lasting surface.

In addition, milling can be used to improve the drainage of a road or parking lot. By removing the top layer of asphalt, the water will no longer pool on the surface. And this will reduce the risk of potholes and other damage caused by water seepage.

Finally, asphalt milling can be used to level out a pavement as any unevenness will be smoothened out. And this will provide a safer surface for vehicles and pedestrians to drive and walk into.



The average price of asphalt milling varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, generally speaking, this process is a cost-effective way of improving the surface of a road, but it typically ranges from around $2 to $10 per square foot.

Milling is an important step in preparing a surface for new asphalt pavement, as it removes any debris or rough spots that could cause problems down the road.

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