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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dream House

Costing is one of the key considerations when constructing a new home. And if you’re planning to build your dream house anytime soon, there are lots of factors to determine so you’ll have an idea of what you’re going to spend once the project begins.

According to a survey, the average cost for building an average home in the United States is $237,760, but this figure can vary depending on the type of dream home project you’re planning to have.

So how much does it cost to build a dream house? Stay tuned as we’ll tackle the 5 common factors that affect the cost of constructing the property that you envisioned in your mind.




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The place where you’re planning to put up your house will be a primary factor in determining how much money you’re going to spend, specifically the average cost of the other properties within the neighborhood. For instance, if the usual value of other houses in the block is around $300,00, you are likely to spend within this amount, even more.

Likewise, the location also determines what you’ll have to pay in terms of land development costs, real property taxes, and other fees.

Also, proximity to essential facilities, access to public amenities, and crime rates will also dictate the costing and the projected market value of your new home.


This is also a primary indicator of the cost of your dream house. Obviously, if you want a big house, you’ll also expect to spend more money as compared to making an average size home.

The biggest determinants in the cost of the home building process are the interior finishes (drywall, insulation) and framing.  And having a large house also requires a larger plot of land, which also adds to the price of the land and development.


Design is also an influencing factor of the overall home building cost. If you’re planning to put up a 2-story house, then it requires more foundation work, excavation, and installation of roofs/rafters.

Aside from the number of floors, having a complex home design can also affect the overall cost since it will require more time, materials used, and engineering work.


High-end fixtures such as wooden floors and granite countertops are quite expensive. Hence, they also drive up the cost of your dream house. Other than that, market factors that are beyond your control will come into play with the costing because the price of construction materials regularly changes. So it’s best to consult with a professional contractor to know which materials give the best value possible according to the home project you’re going to build.

Furthermore, other features like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms also affect the final cost since these rooms are expensive to build.

Supply And Demand

If the location of your dream house lies at a place where people are clamoring for homes, then the cost of building your home will be steep since the current demand causes the construction industry within that area to work double time.

On the contrary, if there are several construction companies in that location, then the price of your home project will be relatively lower.

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